Below are some of our production processes done in house: -

1. Tool making
2. Stamping
3. Ion Exchange Vacuum Furnace Heat Treatment
4. Shot Blasting
5. Plating
6. Assembly

We are proud to inform that we are the only factory in the bicycle industry to use Ion Exchange Vacuum Furnace to heat treat all our steel components for hardness. The result is a stronger structure and a more durable product to withstand the test of time.

Our main product is middle end to high end cassette sprockets which are available in different compatibilities and ranges. We also produce freewheels and rear derailleurs. We intend to expand our product range to include more bicycle components in the near future.

By holding the belief that we will try to satisfy all cyclists’ needs as much as possible, we have offered an extensive range of gear ratios for the cassettes, the most among cassette makers. Most of the gear ratios we offered are listed in the catalogue. Other special gear ratios not shown in the catalogue may be available upon request.

We offer 2 types of plating for our cassettes – nickel plating or nickel chrome plating. The main difference between these 2 finishing is nickel chrome is more long lasting than nickel plating because of the additional chrome plating on top.



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